Vaccine Safety Conference: Evaluating the Science January 3-9 2010 Tryall Club West Indies Jamaica

Vaccine Safety Conference: Evaluating the Science January 3-9 2010 Tryall Club West Indies Jamaica
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To adequately understand whether or not there is a causal relationship linking some vaccines and neurodegenerative disease, neurodevelopmental disability, and immune dysfunction, more rigorous research needs to be conducted. Such research would include adequately powered and controlled animal and human studies designed to explore the biological and genetic changes that take place after vaccination. In addition, both individual vaccines as well as a range of vaccine adjuvants, preservatives, and other ingredients must be examined. Pharmaceutical company and institutional resistance to funding this research has prevented a full understanding of the effects of the potential harm that some vaccines and vaccination schedules may pose to certain populations. In spite of institutional assurances about vaccine safety and efficacy, the current state of scientific knowledge is inadequate. Gaps in the science and approvals for the use of scientifically questionable study designs and research methods continue to arouse legitimate questions about these issues. The highest standard of proof should apply to products generally, especially for those mandated for use in the most vulnerable populations, infants and children.

Individual donors or foundations that wish to contact scientists regarding funding research projects targeted at achieving a comprehensive understanding of vaccine safety and efficacy should contact Prof. Christopher Shaw (Univ. of British Columbia) at 604-875-4111 (ext. 68373) or at for information about current and future research projects.


The Vaccine Safety Conference expenses are being underwritten by individual and foundation support. Accommodations and meals for conference presenters have been generously donated. Your sponsorship will help underwrite the outreach and educational campaign and distribution of materials resulting from this conference. Your support will enable top scientists from around the world to collaborate on finding solutions to the issues involving vaccine safety. Make a difference in advancing scientific understanding of vaccine safety and efficacy by sponsoring the Vaccine Safety Conference. All individual sponsors will be recognized in the conference materials and on the website. All individual sponsorships are tax deductible. Please contact us at to become a sponsor.

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